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Ghosty Pumpkin

Ghosty Pumpkin

Iced With Rich's® Colored Bettercreme®

Difficulty: 2
  • 10 Round
  • 1 Round
  • 22 Star
  • 233 Grass
  • 2 Round
  • Pastry Bags
  • Spatula
  • Cake Comb
Ingredients: Allen® Uniced Round CakeBase Iced with Rich's® Colored Bettercreme®Rich's® Colored Bettercreme®Rich's® Bettercreme®Classic Chocolate Icing
6"14.5 oz.6.5 oz.3 oz.0.75 oz.2.25 oz.
7"20 oz.7 oz.3.5 oz.0.88 oz.2.63 oz.
8"27 oz.8 oz.4 oz.1 oz.3 oz.
9"36 oz.9 oz.4.5 oz.1.13 oz.3.38 oz.
10"46 oz.10 oz.5 oz.1.25 oz.3.75 oz.
  • 1) Base ice cake in orange, then comb sides.
  • 2) Heat Classic Chocolate to 115º, then starting in center of cake, pour to edges, letting icing drizzle over sides.
  • 3) Use tip #22 to pipe straight shell bottom border.
  • 4) Make sure Classic Chocolate icing is set before figure piping.
  • 5) Use tip #10 in orange to pipe pumpkins.
  • 6) Use tip #10 in white to pipe ghosts.
  • 7) Use tip #233 to pipe grass around pumpkins.
  • 8) Use tip #1 to pipe faces on ghosts.
  • 9) Use tip #2 to pipe faces on pumpkins.
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