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Mini Pencil

Mini Pencil

Iced With Rich's® Bettercreme®

Difficulty: 1
  • 10 Round
  • 3 Round
  • Pastry Bags
  • Spatula
  • Cake Comb
Ingredients: Allen® Uniced Baby CakeBase Iced with Rich's® Bettercreme®Allen® Super-Set Blue Roll IcingRich's® Colored Bettercreme®
4"2 oz.1.6 oz.2 oz.0.6 oz.
5"4.5 oz.2 oz.2.5 oz.0.75 oz.
  • 1) Base ice and comb sides of cake.
  • 2) Pour 115º Super-Set Blue Icing over top of cake, working quickly, start in center moving to edges and letting drizzle over sides.
  • 3) Use tip #10 in yellow to pipe straight line for body of pencil.
  • 4) Use tip #10 in red to pipe eraser.
  • 5) Use tip #10 in white to pipe sharpened end of pencil.
  • 6) Use tip #3 in black to pipe stripes on pencil and to pipe pencil lead point.
  • 7) Use tip #3 in red to pipe message.
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